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Feb 10, 2019

Autodesk Shotgun

Autodesk Shotgun is the leading cloud-based review and production software, and on January 31st, the Shotgun team took us behind the scenes on its solution as well as their new Shotgun Create app.

We have been working to bring in the Shotgun team for a Filmologic event for two years now, and we were thrilled that it was finally able to happen. It was worth the wait. Shotgun’s presentation on their original solution as well as their new Shotgun Create app was informative and inspiring, and the Q&A gave us an opportunity to dig deeper.

With the release of Shotgun 8 comes Shotgun Create, which combines the review tools of Shotgun with a single cloud-connected desktop experience for artists. Shotgun Create improves collaboration and workflow for the artists and reviewers.

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Shotgun Create includes

– High-quality media playback based on Flame and RV technology with built-in annotation

– A Task View that shows artists and reviewers what tasks are due soon, coming up, and completed on one screen

– Complete task history with all versions and notes on a single pane to reduce miscommunication and time spent searching for notes

– Simplified admin tools using status groups, automatic prioritization, and automatic reviewer notification

– Creative tool integrations enable launch directly from Shotgun Create and easy loading back into Shotgun Create for review

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Shotgun Create and Shotgun 8 is being used around the world to help creative teams manage projects, including iterating faster and communicating more effectively. With talent located around the world and more projects being completed by remote teams, it’s no surprise that Shotgun is becoming an industry standard and is trusted by over 1000 studios.

We would like to thank Autodesk for hosting us at their Autodesk Gallery. If you get the chance, definitely check out their space. It’s open three days a week to the public, and hosts other events there as well. Their gallery is an inspiration: from their 8.5 foot Lego dinosaur to the Mercedes-Benz Biome car, it is truly a celebration of creativity and technology.

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We would also like to thank the Filmologic community and attendees who help make these events happen, as well as Shotgun’s team for presenting their solutions and answering all of our questions.

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